Supplemental Instruction

Tackling the toughest classes in half the time? You don’t need to go it alone!

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program that provides, weekly, peer-led group study sessions for students taking historically difficult courses (those with high D, F or W rates). SI sessions are available for select summer courses in Accounting, Chemistry, Math and Physics. SI sessions are led by a SI leader who has mastered the course material and has been trained to facilitate group sessions where students can:

Improve their understanding of course material icon
Improve their understanding of course material
Review & discuss important concepts icon
Review & discuss important concepts
Develop study strategies icon
Develop study strategies
Prepare for exams icon
Prepare for exams

SI targets high-risk courses, not students. SI is provided for all students who want to improve their understanding of course material and their grades; it is not just for those who are struggling.

Attendance at SI sessions is free and voluntary, and students may attend as many times as they choose. Summer SI sessions begin the first week of class and continue throughout the Summer Session.

For more information about Supplemental Instruction, including a list of FAQs, visit the SI Program’s website.


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